Hip and Leg Pain Following Car Accident

Hip and Leg Pain Chiropractors NashvilleWhile many of our patients at Nashville Accident and Injury Center experience neck, shoulder, and back pain after an accident, hip and leg pain are also quite common post accident injuries. An auto collision can result in hip, pelvis, and leg injuries that leave you with pain and decreased mobility and can result in permanent injury if not evaluated and treated quickly. Some of the common hip and leg pain related injuries resulting from a car or truck accident include dislocations, bruises, fractures, and strains. In some cases, the hip and leg pain patients feel may not even be caused by an injury directly to the hip or leg, so an accurate and speedy diagnosis is essential. While dislocations and fractures require obvious immediate medical treatment, other injuries causing leg and hip pain may not be noticed until several days after the accident. These injuries are important to evaluate and a chiropractor is a good place to start.

Car Accidents Cause Hip Injuries & Pain

The hip, a ball and socket joint, allows for the rotation of the pelvis and the bending movement of the upper leg. The impact of an auto accident has the ability to result in injury specifically to the hip. In some cases, the impact of the accident may push the head of the thighbone out and back, causing a dislocation.  It’s also possible for impact to result in fractures in the hip or pelvis, which can take a significant amount of time to heal.

Auto accidents may cause injury to the legs as well. Some of the common injuries to the legs that may result in serious leg pain include hyperextension of knee ligaments, a stretched or torn ACL, PCL damage, dislocated knees, and ruptured tendons.

Hip and Leg Pain May Be Caused by Collision or Back Injuries

When individuals experience hip and leg pain after a Nashville auto accident, this pain is often caused by back injuries. Misalignment of the spine or other extremities after an automobile accident may cause dysfunction and pain within the hip, the legs, or both. Strains of the muscles in the back, pelvis, and hip areas can also result in spasms and pain. In some cases, medications may help to reduce the pain temporarily, but this does not solve the root problem that is causing the hip and leg pain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Hip and Leg Pain

If you’re dealing with hip and leg pain, you may want to consider seeing a qualified chiropractor who has experience treating automotive related accident injuries. Chiropractic care often proves effective treatments in order to reduce hip and leg pain by using specific, gentle adjustments to restore normal function to the muscles and joints.  Dr. Bearden is trained on the Palmer Technique which he opts to use in many cases.

Dr. Bearden has worked with accident victims for more than 2 decades and understands how to pinpoint the cause of injuries to design an effective treatment plan for each patient. Dr. Bearden received training on Accident Reconstruction Forensics from Texas A&M University. He received a Master’s Level Certification in Spinal Biomechanical Trauma from The Spine Research Institute of San Diego in Califormia.

Therapy Options

Other therapies used by Nashville Accident and Injury Center include spinal laser treatments and physical therapy. By correcting alignments and reducing inflammation, our chiropractors are often able to correct the cause of the problem while easing muscle tension, reducing pain, and improving range of motion.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Our clinic offers help to patients dealing with hip and leg pain after automobile accidents. We offer comprehensive rehabilitation services that focus on more than just pain relief – they also focus on helping patients regain their health and quality of life. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident Nashville, call our office today to find out how we can help you.