Traci T

My experience was great! I will definitely recommend. After the car accident, I was overwhelmed and left with injuries. My friend from out-of-town located Nashville Accident and Injury via the internet. We called on a Thursday, and I was able to receive treatment the same day! Dr. Bearden and his staff are very caring and… Continue reading Traci T

Andrea T

Totally Awesome! Dr. Bearden is great. I was in a wreck in which I could hardly bend or sit. Dr. Bearden explained everything and listened attentively and totally got my body together. The whole office is great. I would come back here anytime.

Richard A

Go see them! I am going to Dr. Bearden for my spine. I have been using a machine they have and it is really helping. I am not completely healed but I am so much better after the treatment. I would tell anybody who is experiencing any pain or discomfort to go and see them… Continue reading Richard A

L. Searcy

Car accident: I was in a car accident and you helped strengthen my back through exercises and through various therapies like the ball table, hot treatments, cold treatments, stretches, and adjustments. They really helped a lot and are always friendly. Very positive and they listened well. They look for alternatives to the problems that I’ve… Continue reading L. Searcy

J. Lewis

Gentle Effective: Just Moved from Florida where I was in an auto accident and needed to continue treatment and rehabilitation for my car wreck injuries. I was still inflamed and was really apprehensive of having someone jerking and snatching me around. A friend of mine from school who had also been in an auto accident… Continue reading J. Lewis

Christopher Baldani

I was in an automobile accident that left me with shoulder, neck, and back pain. I decided to seek out a chiropractor to help alleviate some of the pain and found great reviews of Nashville Accident and Injury online so I decided to give it a shot! After a couple of months of appointments here,… Continue reading Christopher Baldani

Brock Douglas

Absolutely amazing experience! Dr Casey really is so knowledgeable and so friendly. There is no question why he has been rated so highly.

G.A. Lowe

“I Drive and hour and a half each way to get to Dr. Bearden. The quality of his treatments are just that good”