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Nashville TN Auto Accidents & Collisions (Nashville Car Accident)

Here at Nashville Accident and Injury Center, we can diagnose and treat your car accident injuries with expert Car Accident Doctor and provide you with sound legal advice for paying your medical bills and receiving compensation for your injuries and loss of work.

What to do After a Car Accident (Car Accident Doctor)

Being in a car accident is a frightening experience. Even if no one appears to be injured at the time, the confusion and sense of emotion can be overwhelming. If serious injuries have occurred, the experience is even more traumatic. Unfortunately, at this time when you are most vulnerable you must also take steps to protect your physical wellness and legal rights along with those of your passengers and you must visit a best Car Accident Doctor.

  1. Stop. Even if it wasn’t your fault or if you think there’s no damage, don’t drive away. Fleeing the scene of an Nashville Car Accident could result in a hit-and-run charge.
  2. Call emergency services if anyone is injured. Don’t make the mistake of assuming someone else will call 911. Even injuries that appear minor can be life threatening, and fast action may save a life.
  3. Move your car to safety. Prevent further collisions by moving your car to the side of the road as soon as possible. Turn on hazard lights and set out safety cones/flares only if it’s safe to do so.
  4. Call the police. Report all accidents, even minor ones, to the police. If legal or health issues arise later, having a filed report will help your case.
  5. Never admit fault, even if you think you caused the accident. In the stress of the moment, refrain from volunteering information about who caused the accident. Even if you think you’re at fault, there may be circumstances and facts you’re not aware of at the time. Allow the experts to do their job and investigate what happened.
  6. Take photos or ask someone else on the scene to do it for you.
  7. Exchange identification and insurance information with the other driver(s). Make certain you have the name, address, phone number and insurance information of any other driver that was involved and provide them with the same.
  8. Gather witness information. Don’t try to take a witnesses “statement,” that job belongs to the police. But if they’re available and willing, get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident.
  9. Notify your insurance company. After the more emergent issues have been dealt with, call your insurance agent either at the scene or as soon as possible. Failure to report the accident in a timely fashion may result in a loss of coverage. However, though you should report the accident, it’s best not to supply a signed statement to your insurance company or that of another driver without first seeking the advice of a lawyer.
  10. Follow up with medical care. Even if you were checked at the scene or taken to the emergency room, schedule a follow-up exam with your regular doctor and chiropractor. A medical evaluation by an experienced chiropractor from our Nashville Accident and Injury office can protect you financially and put you on the road to restored health. Some injuries common to car accidents, such as whiplash, may not be immediately apparent. A thorough chiropractic evaluation can accurately diagnose the severity and necessary treatment of accident-related injury.

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