Nashville’s Dangerous Intersections

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Some of the most dangerous intersections in Nashville are listed below. Note: Interstates I-40 and I-24 have high collision and fatality rates.

The intersection danger exists usually from the following:

  • Reduced visibility such as reduced site prior to a stop
  • Having a shorter time window to stop related to traffic lights or space
  • Reduced space to merge
  • Large intersections with traffic lights requiring cars to travel long distances to make it safely through the intersection

Once you become familiar with these streets and cross-streets, use extra caution when approaching them. Approach the intersection with the knowledge of the risk and use defensive driving techniques to navigate through it. Another option is to avoid the intersection altogether. This may be the best choice during high traffic times or at night or other times with limited visibility.

Nashville’s Intersections to Avoid

Seven out of the top ten collision-prone intersections fall in the city of Antioch. Two of the highest accident areas located on Mt. View Road, while three others are on Bell Road.

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Antioch Collision-Prone Intersections

  • – Mt View Road at Hickory Hollow Parkway
  • – Bridgestone Parkway at Heil Quaker Boulevard
  • – Bell Road at Murfreesboro Pike
  • – Hamilton Church Road at Murfreesboro Pike
  • – Crossings Boulevard at Mount View Road
  • – Bell Road at Blue Hole Road
  • – Bell Road at Cane Ridge Road

Nashville has its share of intersections to avoid. Here are five to avoid if possible. If not use extreme caution as you approach them.

Intersections Likely to Have Wrecks: Nashville Tennessee

  • – 28thAvenue and Jefferson Street
  • – Harding Place and Sidco Drive
  • – 8thAvenue and Lafayette Street
  • – Donelson Pike and Elm Hill Pike
  • – Donelson Pike and Royal Parkway