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What to Do After a Car Accident

You’ve been hurt in a car accident. Now what?

The first step following a car accident is to check for life threatening injuries, if applicable. The next step to take after a car wreck is to get evaluated by a doctor in order to decrease the chances of long-term pain and loss of feeling or motion. Research has clearly shown the benefits of starting the healing process right away. Our chiropractors are board certified physicians. Dr. Bearden, DC has been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years and is adept at pinpointing the cause of accident pain with high accuracy. It is very important to be evaluated right after the car accident, even before you seek legal help from an attorney.

Our clinic’s thorough evaluations provide the patient and the attorney with accurate medical information for the successful settlement of your case. Because of medical and legal reasons a physician before hiring a lawyer is the first step to follow after having a wreck.

Insurance Documentation after Car or Truck Accident

Be sure to research and find a doctor who has worked with a number of insurance companies and knows how to document a case from a treatment perspective. The car insurance companies involved and the attorneys (if applicable) will want to see a full assessment and treatment report including any x-rays and notes from the doctor. Dr. Bearden is meticulous in his insurance documentation and knows what the parties wish to see related to your treatment program and subsequent recovery.

Types of Resulting Pain: Whiplash

Many people believe that car accident injury pain is related to strained or pulled muscles that will naturally get better with time. Most times, that’s simply not the case. For many injuries, however, that’s simply not the case. Neck pain, pounding headaches, shooting pain in the arms or legs, numbness and tingling, unrelenting muscle aches and pains, blurred vision, and difficulty sleeping at night are all symptoms of serious whiplash injuries. This pain won’t simply go away or get better without effective treatment from an experienced doctor. In fact, the longer you delay treatment, the worse your pain may become. Our doctors can help. If you have been in a recent accident and you are feeling these symptoms, there may be cause for concern.

Our doctors have dealt with insurance companies and attorneys for years. We are skilled in reporting resulting details accurately and completing required reports, diagnoses, and treatments. We are doctors for the people. We have helped accident victims recover for over 20 years.

Symptoms After a Car or Truck Collision

-Neck Stiffness & Pain
-Headaches & Migraines
-Sharp or shooting pain in your arms or legs
-Numbness and/or tingling sensations
-Constant muscle aches
-Waking up throughout the night or difficulty sleeping
-Trouble with vision: blurry or double vision

How Serious are Your Injuries: When to Involve Doctors

You don’t have to be in a tractor trailer accident on Tennessee’s I-40 interstate to sustain a serious injury. Whiplash injuries, for instance can result from collisions at low speeds, even 5 miles per hour. In some cases, the injuries sustained are minor, but it is worth getting checked by a physician to be sure you don’t require further care. Sometimes you may have Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Dr. Bearden is experienced with Traumatic Brain Injuries. Dr. Bearden is a certified accident reconstructionist.

Be sure to get a comprehensive diagnostic exam. These exams should identify the source of your pain. Headaches, numbness and tingling, and unclear vision are often related to a cervical spine misalignment. Pounding headaches, numbness and tingling, and blurred vision are common whiplash injury symptoms due to a cervical spine misalignment. The force of a rear-impact car accident can “whip” the neck backwards and forwards, triggering a spinal misalignment know as whiplash. Once our doctors at Nashville Accident and Injury have identified the cause of your resulting pain, our team will create a personalized care plan. Depending on your condition, we may combine multiple treatment options, including chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression therapy, to maximize pain relief and treat the back or neck. Our goal is to help the body heal as quickly and safely as possible while providing immediate, drug-free pain relief. The sooner we can evaluate and diagnose your injuries, the faster we can help you get back on the path to good health.

Car Wreck Doctors: For the People

Time Sensitivity

If you have recently been in a car accident, don’t wait to seek treatment! Many auto injuries do not show symptoms until weeks or even months after the accident. If you settle a lawsuit without a full diagnostic evaluation, you could miss out on thousands in medical compensation and pain management. Your health is more important than the settlement of your case. You need to be evaluated for musculoskeletal injuries. Contact our office to make an appointment today. Call 615-492-8906.